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It Runs in the Family

Dad's Watches, and the Bonds They Build

Watches are generational, connecting us to time and to each other. For many guys, they got into watches because of their dad, or their dad’s watch holds a special place in their collection. Some of our friends and ambassadors share their stories of their own fathers and the connection to watches.

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Watch Stories celebrate the best that watches offer us. The beauty, engineering, and the way they make us feel. These stories highlight the collections of some of our friends we have met along the way and they share how their watches are a part of their every day.

Matt Farah - The Smoking Tire

Matt Farah, host of The Smoking Tire and Watch and Listen podcasts and videocasts shows us his eclectic watch collection in sunny, southern California. His watches include Rolex, IWC, Weiss, and Ralph Lauren, but they each have a little flair that is all his own.

Cameron Weiss - Weiss Watch Company

Cameron Weiss is America's premiere watchmaker and doing everything he can to bring haute horologie back to the USA, where, 100 years ago, it was a mainstay. In this Crown & Caliber Watch Story, learn Cameron's story of how he got into watches and why he loves watchmaking.

Sid Mashburn - Sid Mashburn Clothing

Watches are big part of Sid's wardrobe. He has a Rolex, Tudor, and Zenith that mark different times in his life and career. This is his watch story.

Marco Gerace - TLG Auto

Marco Gerace, owner of TLG Auto, a Porsche repair shop, talks watches and his collection. His story is filled with family, legacy, and how watches really connect us to one another.

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